How to safely log-in your CrossFire account?

You are here because you already have created your CrossFire PH account and installed the game in your PC. Now, it is the time to log-in your account to the actual game application. Like other online games, logging-in is very easy but you need to be safe all the time especially when you are playing

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How to Play CrossFire PH Like A Pro

After you have successfully log-in your account, you will be asked to create your Code name before you can select a server to enter. Type a unique Code name in the box and press confirm to see if your chosen name is not yet used by another person. If it is not yet in use,

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M4A1 versions of CrossFire PH and our Reviews

We have been interested with the question on which CrossFire Philippines m4a1 version is much better. We reserved 6 computers for testers who will test every m4a1 version in a game and they will review that item based on their personal experience. Those reviews will then be summarized as a final review for each version

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How To: CrossFire Philippines Buddy System Explained

Buddy System is a new feature of CrossFire Philippines wherein players have now the chance to gain Buddy Points. These Buddy Points will entitle you to purchase cool items such as the Crystal editions of m4a1, AK47, AWM, Gatling gun, and Desert Eagle and characters such as the Matahari (female) and the Swat Elite (male).

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CrossFire Philippines Ranking System Explained

CrossFire Philippines is based on the Counter-Strike first person shooting (FPS) game. However, there are differences that make this game more exciting. While CrossFire PH is an online-only FPS game, it can only be played by a registered account (signed on their website) and that account will increase its rank every time you play the

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How to: Zombie Mode survival Tips and Tricks (Port)

Here’s some Zombie mode survival tips and tricks for you. Zombie Mode is generally known as mutation mode. It is actually a “Free For All” mode where the Global Risk and Black List team are in one objective not to fight each other but to face a more forceful enemy, the so-called mutants. In this

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How to play Ninja Saga like a Pro

First, in your Facebook account, look for the search box which is on the upper middle part. Type Ninja Saga and choose the first result which has the most monthly users (this is the real one). It is labeled as Game. Click it and you will be forwarded to its page. Then, on the right

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