How to safely log-in your CrossFire account?

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You are here because you already have created your CrossFire PH account and installed the game in your PC. Now, it is the time to log-in your account to the actual game application. Like other online games, logging-in is very easy but you need to be safe all the time especially when you are playing in a shop (internet café) or in a public computer. You can follow our simple step below on how to safely and successfully log-in your CrossFire account…

First, you need to run the game. Double click on the CrossFire PH icon in your desktop. You might need to answer a prompt first if you run it as administrator, press YES. The game will load in seconds. If there is a patch updates, it might take you a minute or half an hour depending on the size of the patch file or your internet speed. But normally, in good PC condition it will only take seconds of loading. Proceed to this guide (How to start your account for the first time in CrossFire PH), if it is your first time to log-in.

Second, wait until the welcome screen or log-in screen will be shown. Check the image below:

Third, this is the time where you need to be extra careful, the log-in time. But before typing your username and password (which you need to memorize), take a look around if someone is glancing at you. Bystanders or those bad guys could easily see your username and might guess your password if they saw you logging-in. Wait until no one might see you typing your details. Type you username and password swiftly yet precisely and don’t even share it to people whom you don’t trust. NOTE: There is a time limit in typing your details, so you better do it fast and right. Errors might be experienced during log-in, so constantly check the CrossFire PH forum or their Facebook page for more updates. You might also check if you entered the correct details in case it says, “Wrong password or username.”

Fourth, press LOGIN and forget about ticking the REMEMBER box to be safe (just do it if you own the PC).

Fifth, after a successful log-in you will see this page:

This is the server selection page. You can see names of those servers and the last one is the Clan War server where clans versus other clans do battle for clan rankings which we’ll discuss sooner. The box in front of them determines the number of players inside that server. Blue means there are players in it and Red means it is already full. In continuous playing, you might have your favorite server but as of now choose the any server with still room for you. Double click the name of the server and you will be forwarded to another page. Here is a sample landing page after I chose the Sidewinder server:

We will be explaining to you the contents of every page we have mentioned in this post later. The landing page above is another selection of channels in your chosen server.

Sixth, choose your preferred channel (those having some room for you).

Lastly, choose your preferred room if you don’t like to create a room.

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