M4A1 versions of CrossFire PH and our Reviews

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We have been interested with the question on which CrossFire Philippines m4a1 version is much better. We reserved 6 computers for testers who will test every m4a1 version in a game and they will review that item based on their personal experience. Those reviews will then be summarized as a final review for each version which is posted below. NOTE: Not all m4a1 variants are presented here like the m4a1 Halloween and m4a1 Chirstmas.

Elite M4A1 This is a variant with a scope for more accuracy and a suppressor for a destruction mode advantage. However, most of our testers say that the bouncing effect of the scope caused by its recoil disturbs the accuracy of this version. It is very good for long range battles but you need to control the aim in rapid shooting.

Normal M4A1 – This light and stable weapon is the standard rifle for most of the FPS games. This basic rifle is famous on tournaments. While it is just the basic variant (no scope and no suppressor), it is still an outstanding long range and rapid fire rifle.

M4A1 advance – The modified m4a1 has additional ammunition and silencer. But, this version is closest version to the normal type because it has the same color.

M4A1 assault – It has a camouflage skin with more ammunition. It has also an additional bullet mag.

M4A1 Silenced Digital Camo – It has cooler camouflage skin with additional ammunition and mag. Players believe it is more automatic and has lesser recoil that other m4a1 versions.

M4A1 Sakura – It is decorated with Cherry Blossom skin with additional ammo and a silencer.

M4A1 Royal Dragon – The one with the Royal Dragon Skin and additional ammo. It has also a silencer.

M4A1 Ultimate Silver – The one with the silver skin. It has also extra ammo and silencer. It is the lightest m4a1 for now.

M4A1 Gold – It has a Gold skin with additional ammo but doesn’t have a silencer.

M4A1 Bronze – The one with the Bronze skin, additional ammo, and silencer.

Conclusion: 5 of the 6 testers choose the M4A1-Silenced Digital Camo as the best m4a1 according to performance on their test games. The seemingly low recoil and high power of this variant according to real-game experience make this weapon more powerful than other m4a1 versions.

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