How to: Zombie Mode survival Tips and Tricks (Port)

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Here’s some Zombie mode survival tips and tricks for you.

Zombie Mode is generally known as mutation mode. It is actually a “Free For All” mode where the Global Risk and Black List team are in one objective not to fight each other but to face a more forceful enemy, the so-called mutants.

In this tutorial, a human player will try to survive an infection and win the round. He is carrying an AK-47 rifle as primary weapon and Desert Eagle for his secondary weapon.

Surviving an infection is always challenging and fun thing to do in this type of game. The feeling of satisfaction and pride in every round won by human players is what gamers are looking for in playing this mode. So, here is our step-by-step guide for you.

First, you better equip a weapon which is lighter, powerful and has more animation, thus AK-47 rifle is the best gun for the game.

Second, after the mutation, secure a position and hold on to it. The center upper aisle, the stage, and the container are good areas to camp. Try to damage mutants while camping.

Third, if mutants will break your defense, it’s your time to run. Use your secondary weapon while running in order to be lighter and yet could still create damage. Fool mutants in switching your running routines suddenly. Port map features bridges and tunnels that will help your escape strategy.

Fourth, try to hold on your position to tight entrances in order to damage mutants in their pursuit. Use your instinct, always have your plan B, and practice the art of fooling.

Fifth, use the stage as your final camp area. This is your last minute place when you are the last one to be infected. Guard the slide with all your might. A bio grenade will help you best at this time. You might not kill all of them but time is in your side.

Last, practice different escape routes, running trails, and even hiding areas to be a better player in this game.

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