How to Play CrossFire PH Like A Pro

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After you have successfully log-in your account, you will be asked to create your Code name before you can select a server to enter. Type a unique Code name in the box and press confirm to see if your chosen name is not yet used by another person. If it is not yet in use, you can press OK to move on. Your Code name should be not more than 12 characters. You can use some special characters except the ones shown to you. Your Code name is actually the name that other players could see in your games, so you better make an impression that you can be an ACE player.

After creating your Code name, you can now be able to select a server. But before selecting a channel, you are required to buy your basic character for the game. You can select from SWAT, OMOH, or SAS. If you are fond of playing first-person shooters like Counter-Strike, you will be familiar with these characters but if it is your first time you can just simply look on their images and choose what suits you. I personally suggest you select the SWAT character. You have a default amount of Game Points (GP) to buy only character first and the remaining points could be used in purchasing a weapon. We will be posting more about purchasing items using your Game Points (GP) sooner.

After selecting SWAT, it will automatically be your main character. You can change it later if you want to buy a new character in the Item Shop. You will then be facing the Start-up Tips…

Storage – This is where you can see the weapons, characters, and items you own. You can view, repair, resell, or renew them here.

Item Shop – The place where you can buy weapons, characters, and items using your Game Points or eCoin points (we will discuss eCoin Points later).

Refresh – This is to reload the page for an updated server, channel, or room condition.

Join – Double click this button to enter a server, channel, and room.

You will also be instructed that you have the M16A1 rifle, M700 sniper, and 2 grenades as your start-up equipment. You have also 2 bags where you can choose what weapon set to use. Press B before any round and choose between bag 1 and bag 2. A bag contains your main weapon, secondary weapon (which you don’t have yet), your melee weapon (knife), and your grenade slots (3 slots for HE grenade, flashbang, and smoke). Normally your M16A1 will be in bag 1 and your M700 sniper is in bag 2.

You will then be asked to choose your buddy. Buddy System is one of the latest patches of Crossfire Philippines where first time accounts will have the chance to choose someone in order to share Buddy Points. We will also discuss more about this later. If you already have a friend in mind, you can type his codename in the box and press SEARCH. The application will automatically identify that name if it is in the database (be careful in typing code names for the right person to receive it). After a successful invite, you will be asked if you want the Basic Training which we recommend that you do so.

Press OK and it will bring you to the tutorial room where you will learn and apply the basic keyboard and mouse controls, movements, changing of weapons, firing weapons, and throwing grenades. After you passed all the tests, you are now ready for the real game.

Your starting rank will be Trainee. We will also discuss more about rankings later on. You will need to play a lot in order to gain Game Points and EXP (experience) for to be able to buy high power weapons and increase your rank.

You already have an account registered online and you have done well on the basic training tutorial. Now, it is your time to go and shoot. Here’s how to start a game (basically) in CrossFire PH…

First, log-in your account.

Second, select a server, channel, and then a room. Full servers, channels, and rooms have red bars in them and you can’t enter them. Choose the ones with blue bars and are not yet full enough. By due time, you will also have your favorite room to play with. Regular maintenance may cause room errors sometimes.

Third, room selection is also dependent to your rank. Regularly, there are 10 rooms inside a channel. The first 8 will be for all ranks (Trainee to Brigade General). The ninth room will usually be for Staff sergeants and Master sergeants. The last room will be for Second Lieutenants and above. NOTE: Not all rooms have rank requirements.

Fourth, join your preferred room and now it is your time to select a room number. These room numbers are the actual battle rooms where you can actually join and play. You can also create a room (by clicking the NEW ROOM button near the JOIN button, and be familiar with these room creation options…

Regular Match:

  1. Room name – You can edit this and put your desired room name.
  2. Mode – You can select from Team Death Match, Destruction Mode, Ghost Mode, Wipeout, Free for All, Escape Mode, Zombie Mode, and Hero Mode. You can read our post about these game modes here.
  3. Winning Rule – You can select from Kills and Time. This will decide the end of the game.
  4. Objective – For Kills, you can select a desired number of kills ranging from 40-150 kills. For Time, you can select from 5-12mins.
  5. Number of Players – You can select from 2-16 players. Players will be divided by two teams (Global Risk and Black List).
  6. Observer – In case you want some spectators, you can tick this. Spectators could only watch players in a game. This is mostly useful in tournaments.
  7. Password – If you want to have an exclusive room, you put a password to it.

Zombie Apocalypse Mode:

  1. Room name – same above
  2. Mode – ZA mode
  3. Difficulty Level – You can select from Easy and Normal.
  4. Objective – Your objective is to kill the boss (prime monster).
  5. Number of Players – Only a maximum of 4 players could join a ZA mode and minimum of 3.
  6. Observer- same above
  7. Password – same above

After everything is set, you can now press OK. You will be forwarded to your newly created room and you will see this:

There also additional options to set before you start the game.

You can simply check to those options if you want some changes. The thing is if you are the server (room creator), you are the boss. You can also kick players by clicking their names and press the KICK button.

If you did not create a room and will just want to join a pre-created room, you can simply choose from the room numbers. Your choice will be according to what mode, winning rule, objective and if it has still a slot for you. Your decision could also be affected by what team you will join. The Global Risks are the ones who will kill all the enemies and defuse the bomb if it is in Destruction Mode. Black Lists are the ones who will kill all enemies in their way to plant the bomb in a Destruction Mode. You might not be on your preferred team if the number of players is imbalanced in each team. A room server could not start the game until there is a balance of players who in each team who are ready. We will also feature mode by mode game guides sooner.

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