How To: CrossFire Philippines Buddy System Explained

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Buddy System is a new feature of CrossFire Philippines wherein players have now the chance to gain Buddy Points. These Buddy Points will entitle you to purchase cool items such as the Crystal editions of m4a1, AK47, AWM, Gatling gun, and Desert Eagle and characters such as the Matahari (female) and the Swat Elite (male).

Buddy System means you need to be invited by another character and every time it plays and gains experience, you will have a share of it.

How this system works?

STEP 1: First, a newly created character should invite you. This newly created character (after registered online) should be log-in for the first time. Then, after creating its codename, a prompt will be displayed asking that new character if it has someone in mind to invite as a buddy. If you are the new character, you will type the codename of your buddy on the box and press SEARCH. CF will search that codename and if it corresponds correctly to an active account, the codename will appear shortly and it will become his official buddy. You can now press OK (Just be sure that is the right codename of your buddy because you don’t to give buddy point to anyone else). NOTE: You can’t undo the codename once you already press OK.

STEP 2: Second, let that newly created character play games. Every time that newly character gains experience (EXP points); a share of that points will be added to the character whom it invites as a buddy in Step 1. In short, Trainee character “Smiley” plays, invited character “Buddy” earns buddy points.

STEP 3: Third, check your PointMall and see if you already have enough Buddy Points to purchase any item in the PointMall. You can buy those bonus items mentioned above if you have the required points. Items are also priced according to its time availability; you can buy a Crystal m4a1 that will only last for 1 day or at a higher price for it to last for 30 days.

STEP 4: Lastly, the newly created character should always play so that it will gain enough experience to give you (the invited character) enough Buddy Points too in order to purchase 30-day items. The newly created character will soon be leveling up and the amount of points it could share will decreased proportionally, so it would be better to have another invite from another newly created character and start gaining big points again.

TIPS: How to gain Buddy Points faster?

ANS: You can create your own new character and invite your main character. Play that new character daily so that your Buddy Points will increase rapidly. You can also tell your friend to invite you in return of any good work you will do so that you could have lots of invites. The more invites you will have, the more you will gain points. You can use Facebook or Twitter to spread the news. You can earn as much Buddy Points as you want. Though the maximum time availability of the item is only 30-days, you can renew them.


Every time a new character invites you, you will receive a gift box which is mostly a free paint. And, the one who invited you will receive greater rewards such as a free 20% EXP plus when it reaches the rank of Staff Sergeant.

What could we say about it?

Well, it is not actually a waste of time because we have received some positive feedback about the performance of the Blue Crystal editions of the weapons and the new characters Matahari and Swat Elite are good looking too. I’m sure some players watching you play with those stuffs will be jealous at you.

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