CrossFire Philippines Ranking System Explained

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CrossFire Philippines is based on the Counter-Strike first person shooting (FPS) game. However, there are differences that make this game more exciting. While CrossFire PH is an online-only FPS game, it can only be played by a registered account (signed on their website) and that account will increase its rank every time you play the game. Ranking is based on a military-style leveling which means a major is higher than a captain.

You will start as a Petty Officer in this game with the rank Trainee 1. You will the rank symbol SMILEY and after you will gain the required EXP (experience points) by finishing a game, you will rank up to the next level which is in this case Trainee 2. Every time you finish a single game, you will receive Game Points (GP) and Experience Points, the value of the points will be significant of game mode, rule, and objective. A 12-round Destruction Mode, 13-round Wipeout Mode, and a 12-min TD Mode will give you greater experience points.

You can go this LINK for the detailed info-graphics of the rankings which will include the symbols, and their corresponding ranking, required experience, and bonus. You can also watch the video below that shows every rank symbol and their names starting from the lowest to the highest.

Disclaimer: This is not my video but it is available for anyone to embed on their site at Youtube. This was uploaded by MannyKND.

TIPS: If you want to rank up faster, you need to play longer games. You need to score more and be the ACE player most of the time. Of course, the winning team will always have bigger EXP. Planting or defusing the bomb will also give extra EXP points. Be updated also with events that could give extra EXP points for free. Finally, to be ahead of the pack, you can buy some eCoins and purchase EXP boost packages in the ITEM SHOP to gain up to 200% plus EXP points in every game. Read our eCoin purchasing and eCoin item guide to know more about this.

WARNING: Connection errors, quitting in a game, being kicked in a room, client errors, and low scores could cause you lesser EXP increase and these will just waste your time playing. Avoid these stuffs in order to rank faster and if you can’t avoid them, at least minimized them.

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