CrossFire Philippines Game Modes Explained (Gameplay Videos)

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CrossFire is not just playing in a selected map; it involves game modes that will dictate the objective and style of the game. There are lots of modes in this game that you will enjoy. CrossFire daily challenges also require you to finish one of the three mode selections that they will provide in exchange for great bonuses. While most FPS only focuses on the bad guys planting bombs and the good guys try to defuse it, CrossFire has also modes that will surely entertain you such as: escape mode and zombie mode. Game modes are sometimes affected by how room servers choose the rule (time or kills), objective of the game. Here are our detailed explanations of every game mode of CrossFire Philippines:

Destruction Mode – This is where the Global Risk team will try to eliminate all the enemies (Black List team) before they could plant the bomb and if the BL team did manage to plant the bomb, the GR team should defuse it before it will explode. The Black List team has two planting options per map which are labeled as the A site and B site. DM is limited to round rule only where 5 rounds is the minimum and 13 rounds is the maximum. If the GR team could eliminate all the BL team and if the bomb is not yet planted at a 2 minutes and 30 seconds time limit, they will win the round. But if the BL team manages to eliminate all the GR team or the bomb was planted before the limit and it exploded, BL team takes the round. The game will continue until one team will reach the maximum win rounds. The team with most win rounds will win the match. Famous maps for this mode are Blackwidow, Mexico, and Ankara. This is the mode used in tournaments. Watch the WCG 2011 Russia vs. China CrossFire match video below to witness an actual Destruction Mode game play:

Team Death Match Mode – This mode where the two teams are situated in opposite sides and met on the roads for the battle. Unlike the Destruction mode, players respawn after they are killed in this game. So expect that the one you killed will be back for the revenge. Killed players will respawn on their respective camp. Expect heavier fire exchange in this game those it will be affected on the weapons allowed and throwing weapon setting of the room. If the game has a 12 minute rule, each team’s players should fight until the time expires and the team that accumulated the highest KILL score will win.

Zombie Apocalypse Mode – This is battle between human players against monsters and bosses. Gameplay will differ depending on the map chosen. In BL Camp map, players should equip their weapon and try to eliminate all monsters until the last round. In the last round, the boss (bigger and powerful monster) should be killed. In the other maps, players are only given boxes to choose for their random weapon and grenades. In this game, players are given 8 lives per day which means they can respawn for 2 times in each game. They are also rewarded with life injections in the middle of the game to help them survive. Game difficulties will be determined on the number of rounds (30 rounds for normal).

Escape Mode – The Black List will have the first objective of reaching the escape point and reach the required number of escapes to win the round. And, the Global Risk team should prevent this from happening and let the time expires. On the second round, teams will exchange objectives. Second round time and number of escapes will be affected to the result of the first round. Thus, the latter round winner will win the game.

Wipeout Mode – This mode is like Destruction Mode but it doesn’t involve bombs. Each team is given dropped weapons that they need to get in order to eliminate the enemy. A round will be won if a team eliminates all the players of the other team. The team who won most rounds will win the game.

Zombie Mode – In the very first seconds of the game, players will wait if who will be the first palyer/s to be infected and will turn Zombie. After the Zombie Infection, human players should eliminate all the zombies or run until the time expires. On the other hand, Zombies will also do their best to infect all human players before the time expires.

Hero Mode – This is a modified Zombie Mode but there will be chosen human player to be the Hero. The Hero has the fire power and defense that could help the humans conquer all the zombies.

Ghost Mode – This is a modified Destruction Mode in which the Black List team is transformed in to invisible characters called Ghosts. Though Ghosts are invisible, they are only allowed to use their melee weapon and the Global Risk team can use all weapons.

Free For All Mode – There will be no alliances in this game. All players no matter what team they are in could eliminate each other.

Hope you will enjoy every mode of the game!

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