How to play PointBlank PH – Luxville

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Luxville is a huge mansion with libraries, big corridors, and hallways. This map is for a Bomb mission just like Blackwidow of CrossFire Philippines, but the battle is indoors.

Read our guide on how to play the game below:

First thing first, in PointBlank PH being rich is a very great advantage. You need to be rich in money to buy special advantageous items and also experience points in order to buy needed equipment. In a Luxville game, you need to have the best equipment for the battle. For starters, a weapon which is good in close contact encounter should be equipped or you can use the AUG AJ D as your primary weapon. The scope of AUG makes it valuable in long-distance range, as well.

Aiming and holding position skills are very useful in this type of game. While CrossFire has responsive weapon shooting technology, in PointBlank you need to spray your gun when enemies are close in order to kill them effectively.

PointBlank grenades are very destructive and have a wider range so you better make use of those in the close quarters of this map.

You need also to have a backup in every offensive. Moving two by two in this game will be helpful.

Making your way to your enemies back is always the best offense in a shooting game. In Luxville, there are only two roads to each other’s team base. There are no center roads like Blackwidow in CrossFire, so you better go on one way for a rush and try to surprise your enemy at their backs.

It is also hard to kill enemies in PointBlank with body shots, so you better practice your head shooting skills.

Blue Team should always do their best in defending bomb sites and if they love rushing, should do the back fight.

Red Team should always move as a team and plant the bomb before the clock expires.

PointBlank has a different rule with the game time. CrossFire requires the Black List team to plant the bomb before the time expires but PointBlank requires the Red Team to plant the bomb and let it explode before the time expires.

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