How to Play Point Blank – Desert Camp

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Desert Camp is like any TD mode map in CrossFire. The environment is on a desert valley with elevated parts on both sides of the each team’s camp. The center area of the plane has destroyed parts of a military vehicle and a helicopter. Teams must run through the rocks or climb to the elevations in order to get a clear shot. The rule could be time or kills.

In this close combat map, throwing grenades on the right place and on the right time will be very advantageous.

Grenades in Point Blank have a greater damage and wider range so you better secure your throwing area before throwing them.

Since there is a big rock formation in the middle, you need to go to the sides for the attack or you can just climb the rock.

Hiding and moving through those rock formations will also be helpful if mastered.

Kill and hide, this is best move if there are lots of players.

Expect heavy fire in this game and enemies may appear surprisingly at any side.

If you don’t buy the item that shortens your respawn time, you need to wait for 3 seconds in order to fight again. Make use of those 3 seconds to plan your next attack or to change your weapons by pressing T.

Since we mention about the elevated hills on each side of the team, you can climb on them, hide on any rock and use your sniper to easily target enemies. You should also watch for grenades thrown on that area because you only have a little space to run away from them.

Don’t use your secondary weapon in this map if not needed because PointBlank pistols can only cause minor damages. Don’t rash to the other team’s base if you don’t see any possible kill because you will be overwhelmed by the just respawned players who are invincible in a very short time.

Be fast and sharp in this game and you will surely get a good score.

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