How to play Ninja Saga like a Pro

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First, in your Facebook account, look for the search box which is on the upper middle part. Type Ninja Saga and choose the first result which has the most monthly users (this is the real one). It is labeled as Game. Click it and you will be forwarded to its page. Then, on the right side of the page, click the button which says Play Game.

Second, you will be forwarded to this page (Look to the image below). Click Create and then on the next page you will be asked to do the following: Write your preferred name, choose your gender, choose your hairstyle, and lastly choose your hair and skin color. But, you can actually select random and let the application decide. After making your choice, press Create.

A ninja will then talk to you. Yes, you’re right; you are now on the ninja world.

The first battle will be your Level 1 training which will teach you how to attack.

A ninja will again appear and will tell you that you have to learn three basic skills: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Genjutsu. Because of that, you need to choose your primary element. This will define your skills soon.

Next training battle will be on how to master your Chakra flow. This includes how to charge and use your chakra in using your Jutsu.

After doing all of those, you will be congratulated for passing the final exam before you can start doing the Rank C missions.

Bunos items will be rewarded to you after this. You will also gain some Gold and Experience (XP) to be used in the duration of the game.

You are now ready to start your first mission and put your attribute points to your major element as well. Since I choose Thunder, I will be investing my attribute points to it to maximize my Thunder skills.

You can now start your very first Rank C mission. Click the Grade C mission scroll. Your first mission will be entitled, “The Hardworking Student.” If you can complete this mission, you will gain 20XP and 15 Gold.

This will be your first battle to test what you learned in your final exam. This would be easy but expect more difficulties upon gaining higher levels.

You will eventually rank up to level 2 after your first completed mission. You will gain another bonus and another attribute point. This will be a great motivation for you to play the game over and over again.

To better play this game, you need to have a Flash Player installed in your browser (you better use Mozilla Firefox’s latest version) and at least a good graphics card in order to handle the flash application well.

Ninja Saga is one of the popular games in Facebook. It is a game influenced by the history of Ninjas and the popular animated show “Naruto.” Most teenagers in Facebook are playing this game not just of the social aspect of the game but the leveling and ninja skills are very exciting.

We have our simple to follow guide starting on how to have this game in your Facebook account and actually reaching the highest level.

Skills you need in order to play this game successfully:

  1. Listening and Reading – These two come hand in hand in order for you to better understand every mission, instruction, and strategy. Listen to every words the ninja will tell you and read carefully all the details provided to succeed on your missions.
  2. Planning – Don’t just rush it and be a ninja in the modern world. Sometimes, you need to take time thinking of how and when to attack the enemy.
  3. Strategy – You won’t be a ninja unless you have the strategy especially against stronger enemies.
  4. Social – Of course, your are in Facebook and the more friends you have (especially those who are also playing Ninja Saga), the more chances for you to easily accomplish any mission or task.
  5. Perseverance – Trial and error is needed in this game, so you better don’t get tired in doing it.
  6. Research – Since this is in Facebook, be connected to your friends that are frequently playing this game and ask them if you have any question or let them share their experience to you and learn from it.

Technical Requirements in order to play the game:

  1. Your internet speed should be not be below 512kbps in a DSL connection.
  2. You need to install a trusted browser. We recommend the latest version of Firefox.
  3. You need to install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.
  4. Your video card memory should be at least not below 256mb.

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