How to Burn a DMG (.dmg) file into CD/DVD on Windows

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A disk image is a content of a CD or DVD. The disk image in Windows is called ISO file (.iso), while in Apple it will retain its name as Disk Image file or DMG (.dmg). One sample of a DMG file is the content of your Apple Mac OS X Mountain Lion DVD installer. You can simply mount a DMG file in your Mac computer and it will work, but not in Windows. While you cannot normally open or use a DMG file in Windows, you can use a small application like PowerISO to convert it as an ISO image and at least view certain Windows-compatible data files from it.

I have a Snow Leopard Installer DMG file and sadly, I cannot burn it to a DVD because my brother in their group’s small outing, which will last a week, carried my Macbook. I cannot afford to wait for such a long time, so I decided to find software that could enable me to burn the DMG file into DVD using a Windows PC.

When I searched the internet, most of the applications suggested will convert the DMG file into an ISO file before I could burn it to a DVD. Others involved decompression, some changes to the DMG file prior to burning, and they do not offer slow speed burning (which I prefer to avoid errors). My worry is that these applications may affect the DMG installer and will not boot correctly.

Luckily, I found TransMac ( This small software has the ability to directly burn a DMG file as it is into DVD without converting it or even decompressing it. While it does not offer any speed option, the direct burn feature will be enough for me.

How to Burn a dmg file to a CD/DVD using TransMac:

1.) Go to General Settings and make sure the “Use primary burning method” option is selected.

2.) Go to File menu and Open Disk Image. Find your DMG file and select it.

3.) After it is chosen it will be displayed in the software, right-click the dmg and select Burn to CD/DVD. Insert a blank DVD. Select the CD/DVD drive and click OK. The burning process will start immediately; all you need to do it is waiting for it.

NOTE: In choosing a CD or DVD, you might to consider the size of the DMG file to burn, 600 MB files could fit in CD and in my case I need a Dual Layer DVD for an almost 7 GB installer. You might also want to choose a high quality model or brand.

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