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My Name Is Tech is a free to read blog. We do not collect any information from any kind of user. However, our advertising partner, WordAds, does collect some information from our online users (readers and visitors). Our blogging platform (WordPress) also monitors stats for us that records your visit on our blog.

WordPress & WordAds

WordAds is the leading advertising optimization platform for WordPress sites. WordAds collects information from users in order to serve the best ads. WordPress also collect information for analytics and other uses. Please read their Privacy Policy here and their Cookie Policy here.


In case you need to send us an email, your identity and email used will be kept private and will never be displayed in our blog or shared to anyone else.


If you want to subscribe to our blog in order to get updates as soon as we have our latest post, just enter your email address in our subscription box on our homepage. We will use that email for subscription purposes only.

If you have questions regarding to this blog’s privacy policy, don’t hesitate to CONTACT us.

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