How to Top-up or Load eCoins for your CrossFire PH account

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There are special items in CrossFire PH that are only purchasable by eCoins. An eCoin is the online currency of Gameclub games. Though buying eCoins is just an option in playing the game, having special items will be a great advantage in gaining success in the game.

What is an eCoin?

It is your online money to purchase special items in CrossFire PH. You can buy them in actual cards or in an over-the-air (mobile) form. A card contains the card code (six letters) and the pin code (9 elements). These codes will be needed in order for the eCoin value to be entered in your account.

 How to purchase eCoins?

You can go to the nearest Internet shops and buy eCoin cards that contain 20 or even 1,000 eCoins. You can also buy them in over-the-air form. Usually the cost is 1 peso per 1 eCoin value.

How to Top-up?

  • After purchasing eCoin cards, scratch the code shades at the back of the cards to see the Card Code and the Pin Code. You can now see the codes.
  • Go to CrossFire PH homepage and log-in your account. On the left side of the site, click the “ADD ECOIN” button. You will now see the Payment Option page.
  •  Enter the card code, these are the nine letters separated into three dashes. Enter three letters per box.
  • Enter the password which is the Pin code. These are the 9 elements.
  • You may now click Submit.
  • If you entered valid codes, you will receive the prompt, “Top-up successful.”
  • If you have loaded eCoins before, you will see them in your Top-up History table.

What if the Top-up is not successful?

Please double check the codes you entered in the box and if it is still unsuccessful, you can contact their support at

The next guide will be on how to purchase eCoin items in the CrossFire PH game application.

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