Familiarizing the CrossFire PH Game Application Interface

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CrossFire Philippines has the simplest and user-friendliest interface as a First Person Shooter game. We will run through the buttons, links, details, and pages that you need to know in order to be a successful player of this game. 

The Server Page 

The first page you will see after successful log-in. You can see the name of the server and the number of players inside that server described by a bar. Click Refresh button in order to see the latest update of the number of players or click Join in order to enter any server. 

The Channel Page 

This is where you will fall after entering a channel. You can see your profile, hot items, and many other buttons. The refresh and join button are still there. You must now choose a channel. 

The Room Page 

It is your time to select a room to start playing. Rooms are labeled by number, room name, mode, map, players, and their status in order to help you choose what’s best for you. The summary of the room information will be seen on the left and the Challenge button will now be available. 

The Combat Zone 

This where you will choose what team will you join. If the game is not yet started, you can click Ready or click Invitation to invite other players to the room. If the game has already started, you can simply click Join Game. If you are the server, you can press the Kick button in order to kick undesired player and ultimately you can start the game if the ready players are balanced in both teams. You can also see your weapons inside your bags in this zone. You can repair them if you want. The chat box below is also available for messaging. 

The Mega Lotto Page 

This is where you can play lottery and have the chance to win special items. Lottery is done by spinning the roulette and in every spin, 3 rewards will be received. You can only play eCoin Lotto if you have loaded your eCoin to your account. You can also play GP Lotto and win other items if you have enough Game Points to pay for a spin. 

The Inventory page 

This is where your unused tickets will be stored and your accumulated coupons (won by lottery). In a certain number of coupons, you have the opportunity to exchange them with cool gifts. 

The Storage Page

This is where you can see the weapons, characters, items, and gifts that you already own. You can click any item you want in order to equip them and use them in games. You can also see the remaining time status of temporary weapons and items.

The Item Shop

This is where you can purchase weapons, items, or characters using eCoins (EC) or Game Points (GP). Each item has a corresponding price and time availability.

The Point Mall

This is where you can purchase special weapons, characters, and items using your Buddy Points (BP). You can also check here the quantity of your Buddy Points.

The Challenge Page

This is where you can see 3 options of the daily missions. Choose one of them, finish the objective and win the reward. You can finish one mission every day. You can also see your Monthly progress in which you can win special rewards again. The last tab is the mission card. You will receive a card with a letter from the word CROSSFIRE. If you could collect all letters to form the word CROSSFIRE, you will win an award as well.

The Options

You can find these four buttons on the uppermost right of the application. Back – Let you go to the previous page. Friends – Manage your friends in here. Settings – Adjust your display, sound, and controls in here. Exit Game -Let you turn-off the game application.

NOTE: The latest version of the game had some changes with the interface. However, some functions are still applicable.

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