Diablo 3 (PC Game) – Review

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Here is our review of the latest version of your favorite role-playing game Diablo. Diablo 1 and 2 are both great and top performers when it comes to the PC game and RPG category. Now, we have the latest Diablo 3 and as expected, the trailers surpass all expectations and wishes from the avid fans of the game. But what is really inside this game? Will it still entertain us and on what level could it be?


I love this game on single player but gamers could easily do multiplayer now. As far as the story goes, which makes this game more exciting, it is like a Hollywood movie but there are stuffs that need some more clarifications. Compared to the last versions, skill bar in Diablo 3 is cool. We gave 90% rating to presentation of the game.


You really need a trusted graphics card in this version because images and details are now beautifully served. It is actually one of the games today which is good-looking and more realistic. Though we see monsters in this game, they are still good to the eyes. We gave 85% rating to the graphics of this game.


I really enjoy the sound of every character in the second version. And now, with some improvements, we can say that the voice acting and the musical background is almost perfect. Together they define every environment well and stir the excitement. We gave 100% rating to the sound of the game.


The dropping and picking of items make this game more enjoyable because it has a wide range of collectibles. The action is so much fun too that you will forget that you are just doing things over and over again in this game. Experimentation and personal strategies are welcomed in this game unlike other ones that you need to memorize things all the time. These make the game more addictive than ever. We gave a perfect score of 100% to gameplay.

Lasting Appeal

You could finish this game and want to play it again. It would never be a boring game no matter what level, what setting, and what mood you have every day. Diablo 3 is simply irresistible, the best RPG ever, and very addicting.


Play this game now if you want some real gaming fun. I’m sure after your first try; you will never stop playing the game again and again. What else could we say, Diablo 3 is the best RPG ever made.

It would run better…

It would run better with any dual core processors and 2GB or above RAM. A 1 GB video card will make this game enjoyable. You might also consider having a wider screen for your eyes to enjoy the graphics that Diablo 3 is proud of.

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